Association of Ceramic Artists in Israel

The Israel Ceramic Artists Association is a registered nonprofit organization called “Artists in Israel”, a non-profit organization.
The association is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport in Israel and the Tel Aviv Municipality.
The association combines two fields: ceramics and arts.
The ceramic industry, called the Association of Ceramic Artists in Israel, has about 600 registered members who pay annual membership fees.
The Association of Ceramic Artists in Israel conducts a professional activity, which represents the complexity of the ceramic art and its unique language, while maintaining a dialogue with the contemporary world of art and design.

The purpose of the Association is:

To bring the art of ceramics in Israel to public awareness in Israel and abroad
To expose ceramic artists to other areas of the art world,
To foster a high professional level among artists by expanding horizons and acquiring innovative and contemporary knowledge and techniques in ceramic media
Educate the public: artists and the general public, recognize the right to create and the right to consume art
Plan, and implement projects that will become a cultural artistic tradition and will serve as a basis for the enhancement and achievement of the goals set by the Association
To strengthen the connection between ceramic artists in Israel and abroad and to initiate joint activities and projects
The association’s activities are directed to two types of target audiences: the ceramic artists, members of the association and the general public in Israel. For each of the target groups there is deliberate and planned activity, which is expressed in the type and level of the projects being carried out. At the same time, there is interaction and mutual nourishment between the activities and the target audience. The main activity of the Association is for members of the Association. Activities for the general public include: exhibitions, fairs and lectures, and its purpose is to expose the art of ceramics and to enrich the public with knowledge and understanding in contemporary artistic terms. The activity for the members is professional and its goal is to train and give artists new tools and professional concepts in order to enrich and raise the level of activity. Members of the Association of Ceramic Artists in Israel enjoy a variety of professional services and support including: workshops, symposia, contacts with artists from abroad and lectures provided in a variety of activities throughout the country, at low participation fees, discounts or free of charge.

Activity range:

The association’s activities are spread all over the country, throughout the year, and include permanent exhibitions and projects that have become a tradition and have been carried out over the years and unique projects carried out in particular. The association works in cooperation with art schools, museums, galleries, institutions that deal with artistic activities, local authorities and parallel bodies abroad, and makes efforts to strengthen ties between artists in Israel and abroad.

The Association’s activities include:

The Israeli Biennial for Ceramics in the Israel Museum
The Israeli Symposium on Pottery in Tel Hai
Kad and Qura – Fair and Outdoor Exhibition in Ra’anana
Exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the country
Professional workshop led by an expert artist – Neot Hakikar at the Dead Sea
Professional workshops for the study of techniques in material creation
Lectures on topics related to art, design and culture
Hosting artists and connections with colleagues from abroad
1280 ° – Journal of Ceramic Art
Support for young artists


The association’s offices are housed in the Binyamini House, the Center for Contemporary Ceramics
Bar Yochai Street 5, Tel Aviv 6655622
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday between 10:00-15:00

To call: Tel: 03-6874150 Fax: 03-6874159
Address for letters: 17 Ha’amal St., Tel-Aviv 6653211